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Subject: B’s Recorder Gold Frequently Asked Questions
Keywords: CD Burning, cannot read, drive not seen, drive won’t open, file errors
Tech Article Number: WBTA00000905

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B’s Recorder Gold is CD/DVD creation software that is shipped with WinBook C-Series and M-Series computers. This software provides additional options for the creation of CD and DVD media that is not provided by Windows XP.

Question: B's Recorder Gold software returns an error that there are no valid optical drives for burning on the system. How can I get the software to recognize my drive?
Answer: Restart the computer. At the end of the installation process there is a prompt to restart the computer. If the computer is not restarted, crucial files are not able to be updated and the software will not work properly.

Question: A CD or DVD that is burned using the B's Recorder Gold software is not able to be read by the unit that created it. The disk shows as empty, or there is an error that there is no disk in the drive. Is there a way to read the data on the disk?
Answer: Close the B's software. The B's recorder software will take control of the drive when it is opened. When the B's software is active it will not allow an "Explorer" view of the contents of the CD or DVD.

Question: When trying to create a Data CD using the B's recorder Data wizard, the application ejects the CD and presents a "File data is incorrect" error. Why?
Answer: Check the files or directories in the CD project for any that exceed 256 characters. The Joliet CD specification does not allow file names that are greater than 256 characters.

Question: When using the Data CD wizard in the B's recorder software to create a multi-session CD or DVD the application will closes and places me back on the desktop. I cannot open the drive tray, and cannot read the disk that is in the drive!
Answer: If you try to write to a disk that has already been closed, you will need to insert a blank CD or DVD or a multi-session CD or DVD that has not been closed. This is normal behavior for B’s Gold software. To be able to access the drive again, the computer will need to be restarted. The application "crash" caused by this problem will not properly close the software and only a reboot will give control of the drive back.

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