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Subject: Fdisk, Format, Reinstall Windows 95 on your WinBook FX 3 GB or Less
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Tech Article Number: WBTA05050363

NOTE: You, the customer, are solely responsible for data security. WinBook strongly recommends that you perform a backup of all personal data contained on your system prior to performing this procedure. Warning: WinBook will NOT be held responsible for any data loss incurred during this process.

To complete this procedure you will need the following materials:

  • WinBook FX Support Diskette
  • Microsoft Windows 95 CD
  • Microsoft Windows 95 users manual with Product ID

I Have a new Blank Hard Drive:

  1. Insert the WinBook support diskette and turn on the WinBook
  2. When presented with the WinBook utility menu select option 6 for PHDISK /create
  3. When prompted press a key to continue
  4. Allow the program to complete the installation of the suspend to disk partition
  5. Let the system reboot back to the WinBook support diskette
  6. Bypass the following Used Hard Drive Partition and go straight to the Create a new DOS partition

I have a used Hard Drive with partitions already on it:

  1. Insert the WinBook support diskette and turn on the WinBook
  2. When presented with the WinBook utility menu select option '1' for FDISK
  3. When prompted press a key to continue
  4. Select 'Y' to enable 32bit FAT
  5. Select '3' to delete existing DOS partition
  6. Select '1' to delete the PRIMARY DOS PARTITION
  7. When prompted for VOLUME LABEL, type the volume label or press ENTER if the volume label is blank.
  8. Select 'Y' to verify deletion of the partition
  9. The primary DOS partition has been deleted. Press 'ESC' three times and the system should reboot to the utility menu

Create a new DOS partition:

  1. From the utility menu select '1' for FDISK
  2. When prompted press any key to continue
  3. Select 'Y' to enable 32bit FAT
  4. Select '1' to CREATE DOS PARTITION
  5. Select '1' for PRIMARY DOS PARTITION
  6. Select 'Y' for maximum available partition size
  7. The new DOS partition has now been created press 'ESC' to exit FDISK and reboot to the utility menu.

Format hard drive and copy installation files:

  1. From the utility menu select '3' to FORMAT the hard drive and transfer system files
  2. When prompted press any key to continue
  3. Select 'Y' to proceed with format (format will take a few minutes)
  4. Press ENTER when prompted for VOLUME LABEL
  5. From the utility menu select '11' to REINSTALL WINDOWS 95
  6. Please wait while files are being copied to you hard drive
  7. After the files have been copied to your hard drive you will be prompted to power the system off and remove the floppy drive and insert the CD-ROM module. Do so at this time.

Install Windows 95 operating system:

  1. Power up the system and insert the Microsoft Windows 95 CD and wait approximately 20-30 seconds to allow the CD-ROM drive to spin up
  2. Press ENTER and setup will copy files needed for the installation to your hard drive (this will take a few minutes). Press ENTER when complete.
  3. Windows 95 installation will now begin. When asked, select "Typical" from the options given.
  4. Enter the Product ID and your name when prompted.
  5. Click next on the screen where it asks you for what Windows Components you want to install.
  6. Choose No, I do not want a startup disk when asked.
  7. Click on Next again and then wait for the percentile bar to get to 100%.
  8. The computer will restart and ask you to wait again.
  9. Eventually it will ask you for your time zone. Pick the appropriate one for your location.
  10. It will then ask you to set up a printer. This is your option, either set one up or cancel depending on your circumstances.
  11. After this, the computer will restart again.
  12. Windows 95 is now installed.

Set display properties:

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Control Pane.
  2. Open the Display icon by double clicking on it.
  3. Select the "Settings" tab
  4. Change the "Screen Area" from 640X480 to 800X600 (the "Desktop Area" will automatically be changed to 800X600)
  5. Click the "Apply" button
  6. When asked to change the monitor type click the "Yes" button
  7. Under "Models" find the "Laptop Display Panel (800X600) entry
  8. Click the "OK" button
  9. Click "OK" again
  10. Select "OK" again to keep the new settings.
  11. Finally click on the "OK" button to close the display properties

Install WinBook Modem Driver:

  1. Insert the "Support Disk" into drive A:
  2. Click the "Start" button
  3. Select "Run" from the menu
  4. In the "Open" text box type "A:\10.bat" and click "OK"
  5. A MS-DOS window will be opened and 10.bat will run. When completed you will see the WinBook Utility menu. Close the window when you see the menu
  6. Right click on the "My Computer" icon
  7. Select "Properties" from the menu
  8. Look for the "Modem" icon and click the "+" sign next to it
  9. Double click on "28.8 Modem"
  10. Select the "Driver" tab
  11. Click the "Update Driver" button
  12. Select "No, select from a list" and click "Next"
  13. Highlight the "Modem" entry and click "Next"
  14. Under manufacturers locate "WinBook Computer Corp" (NOT WinBook)
  15. Highlight "WinBook v.34" under "Models" and click "Finish"
  16. Click the "Close" button to close modem properties
  17. Click "Close" again to close system properties

Enable PCMCIA support:

  1. Right click on the "My Computer" icon
  2. Click on "Properties" from the menu
  3. Click on the "Device Manager" tab
  4. You should see a "X" through the icon next to "Cirrus Logic PCIC compatible PCI to PCMCIA bridge"
  5. Double click on "Cirrus Logic PCIC compatible PCI to PCMCIA bridge"
  6. Click on the "Disable in this hardware profile", This should remove the check mark
  7. Click on 'OK'
  8. Select the "Next" icon from the "Welcome to the PC Card (PCMCIA) Wizard" screen
  9. Select the "Next" icon from the "PC Card (PCMCIA) Wizard" screen
  10. Select the "Finish" button
  11. Select the "Yes" button to shut down your system now
  12. Turn on your system.


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