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Subject: How to Change the Way you View Files in Windows XP
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You can use the View menu in a My Computer folder window to change how the files appear: as icons or as a listing.

1. If a folder has very few files, you may prefer to work with large icons. To display large icons choose View>Tiles.
2. To see smaller icons with the file name and arrange the files and folders in rows across the top of the folder window choose View>Icons.
3. The List view resembles the Small Icons view, except the files appear in a list down the column rather than across the top of the list. To display the List view, choose View, List from the folder window menu bar.
4. You can display additional details about each file in a folder, such as the file size and type. (See the Size and Type columns in the example here.) To change to the Details view, choose View, Details.
5. If a folder holds image files and you want to be able to see a thumbnail preview of what the image file looks like, choose View, Thumbnails.

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